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Today's MotRvation 101 (via twitter @mrblogordiepgh)

i feel that MUSIC has transformed into a 3 headed monster, kids think all u gotta do is work hard and you'll be a star
But just like the NBA & NFL not everyone can become stars, u could rap 4 yrs and still be the equivalent of a rap AC Green

All of our youth need to know that its more options out here than it seems, pick up a book, a wrench, create something NEW!

Understand the meaning of being a Trendsetter, don't follow in everyone else's footsteps, make a path of your own

I commend everyone that has given their shot at the music industry, (successful & unsuccessful) but i feel strongly...

About our youth's future and i don't care to see Everyone f**kin rapping in the year 2020 (if im alive).

My words of advice, what doesn't work for you may work for someone else, don't just set to be the guy in the spotlight. AIM HIGH!!!

(i'm venting now...) I see & hear more rappers than I see young men trying to be fathers and husbands, all the morals that ...

...that our grandparents & great grandparents were taught, are thrown out the window! And ppl that say they don't glorify Nonsense...

...Are the same MF's glorifying the hell out of it (with their actions). Imma true believer you gotta get it how u live, but we should aim...

...To LIVE way better & make this world way better for the YOUTH!


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