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Beans - I Got Swagg Feat Rocko (Video)

Check out my fam in hustle and blood doin his Thizz wit Rocko in ATL! If you ain't got you some swag homie, you late lame.

TI is home right before Christmas!

I'm happy for this man, glad to know the OG is out.


Mac Miller - "The High Life" Mixtape

It's here people.....Welcome to "The High Life"


Mac Miller "The High Life" Cover Art

Cover art to Mac Millers upcoming mixtape "The High Life". The party starts December 15th. Stay tuned....


Big Sean - "Rollin" x "Say You Will" Video

Detriot's own rap star, Big Sean, drops 2 brand new videos off of his widely respect mixtape "UKNOWBIGSEAN: Finally Famous Vol.2". Check out this video to "Rollin" and "Say You Will".


Ask Wiz

NEW MUSIC: Kev Tha Hustla - Pilot Sh*t

Kev Tha Hustla
Heavy Hustle/TaylorGang

Tha Hustla is BACK with his title track off of his upcoming mixtape "Pilot Sh*t". Check it out.


NEW Webispodes: DayToday Season 2 Ep 1 (Wiz Khalifa)

New Season of DayToday Premiere Episode 1!
Khalifa man is back, with a whole new season, a new smoking album, and more funny clips. Tune in on &

Mike Epps - Getting Head w/ Grandma

This is funnyyyyyyyyy!

NEW VIDEO: Mac Miller - Live Free

Can't explain the feeling I get when I see a great picture painted with great words, it makes the Visual so complete...



"The Undergrad" Trailer

The Undergrad is the story of a man recently released from prison who makes his way back to his old neighborhood only to be drawn into a hustlers world where eventually he encounters trouble. Within the story framework is the story of a man who is actually very gifted and has academic promise which goes unfulfilled. The actors were all unknown and new comers - the best to work with. The film was shot on location in Pittsburgh PA in eleven days. This was my first feature film directing opportunity. The people of Pittsburgh were terrific as was the crew. I am very grateful for the opportunity and know that this film will garner some attention. Big thanks and much respect to James Johns "Beans Bling," the whole cast, Karl Kim, Tony Segreto, Charlie Zwick, Zach, John, Matt, Dan, Dan the writer, the people of Pittsburgh and everyone who made this a reality. Looking forward to the rough cut and getting this to screen. More to come.


Angel Yee - Wiz Khalifa #DealorNoDeal (interveiw via Ustream)

If yaal missed this interview Angel Yee & Wiz Khalifa in NY talking about his album Deal or 
No Deal (available on itunes now!)

(Previously Recorded)


"The The Kitchen" - Yo Gotti

Im sure this will be stuck in your head too....

Wiz Khalifa LIVE!!

Wiz Khalifa at Grog Shop

Thursday, Nov 26 @ 9:00 PM 
2785 Euclid Heights Blvd
Cleveland, Ohio
Price: $10 

Get Tickets Here!!!!

NEW Video: Beedie - Catch Em All

If you know nothing about Pokemon, thats quite alright. Beedie has already compiled his powers and revealed them to you. See if you can Catch Em All...

Beedie's "Most Slept On" mixtape available now

Big shouts out to : East End Empire, Beedie, Rex Arrows Films, & TreeJTv


New Music: A.Smith "Tryna Get This Paper"

New music by A.Smith also follow him on twitter @Scorpiosmith 
For interviews or bookings contact: Erica Michelle

Download (Full Mp3):
Click Here!!

The Reason Why...[Interview w/ Tip Tha Ill Spit]

To be, or not to be... The question that lies within the masses. If your not somebody, then you want to be something to talk about, and thats just what this young man has been doing. Making something out of nothing, with a highly rated [independent] video "Lame Again", making music with well known artists, and edging out his name in hip hop.

Age: 20 yrs young

  • Motivation: My motivation for music in the beginning was rooted from hearing the radio and how music was didn't feel right..i didn't start really rapping until I was like 18, messed around wit it a little bit when I was I'm still wet behind the ears..but I put in a lot of work on my sound and craft. So my motivation now is to reach the level of success that I've set for myself and its high. But..No stress cause I progress.

  • Let People know what's the name of your current project and how you came up with the idea...
              Before I say this, I want to say something..Ive had tapes that were supposed to drop, technical issues that have hindered that process. My current mixtape, set to drop *First Quarter-2010 will be titled "The Reason Why I'm Talking S--T" or "The Reason" for short. My ideology behind the idea for that is that its an old Ed Harris cover and it spoke to me. I mean sometimes in my bars, I say some confident even cocky things..I do.   With no previous tape..Do I reserve the right to have that "fly" talk? My Answer..Hell Yea! In 2 years,starting out mind you, I got a Jenesis Magazine Article, linked up some of the premier artist in Pittsburgh and the nation, and had one of the best music videos for an unsigned artist. All with No mixtape/album. Now finally, this is "The Reason Why I'm Talking S--T" 

  • With all the new artists coming in and out the industry, where do you see yourself going?
              Like anyone doing this would want, I just want to become the best, if thats not your goal, your selling yourself short. Now as far as labels go, I want to reach my full potential. Whether independent or a major, my grind will always be the same. Artists come and go in this industry, some you hear about and some you don't. Local success ain't enough for me, so expect to hear about me.

  • In your video "Lame Again" you depict yourself going through day to day things as well as your rap career, how hard would you say it is to earn your stripes in the rap game?
             Hmmm, this game..This game is dirty. You can't trust everybody. You can't work with everybody. It's cool to try and use the buddy system and all, but from a personal standpoint you have to PUT IN WORK. Everything you do PR, Style, Your words, Delivery, Interviews has to be on point. To earn your stripes you have to go to battle. Do what you need to do. I know a lot of people who rap, but a few who are acknowledged as rappers. Amongst my peers, Im not just TIP anymore..Im Tip tha ILL-SPIT and that lovely.

  • How does it feel to be entering hip hop around the time where we as a people are dealing with recession and new problems, does any of that fuel your music?
            Most definitely, anybody who knows me knows I am very passionate about world affairs and world issues and the problems we all face. When others are "throwing shade" on it, I like to shed a little light. I don't delve to deep musically, but I will speak on it. Those aren't necessarily the marketable topics but you have to speak A truth, or your truth, so i touch on all things. I can only speak what I know.

  • Can you tell everyone how you got linked up with East End Empire and how it is to be on a talented young roster?
             First of all, being with the East End Empire has been a blessing. I linked up with them through my ties with Franchise and Vintage Radio. I believe Fran went to a show of  Beedie's and Mac Miller's. They spoke, Fran and Vin did features on "How High" [Mac and Beedie's mixtape] then I was introduced to the whole crew and since then its been a beautiful partnership. Franchise is the one who really put me on, with out him a lot of this wouldn't be possible honestly.

  • All artist that seem to gain the most exposure have some type of controversy fueling them, do you feel that it's expected to be the best or is it ok to just be the talented and not want to be the best?
             If we talking Beef..I don't like to pick fights but if push came to shove..I'd beef wit a rapper over wax. I would never do it as a publicity stunt..I'd much rather just grind. Play the game like a boss, "or like a volcano, let it boil..and then you blow." and I feel if you DON'T want to be the BEST, and like just get money or w.e. you alternative goal may be. You got it twisted, Fit in by standing out...Period!


     For Booking you can contact: or

    NEW MUSIC: Mac Miller (High Life Drops Dec 1st)

    The High Life drops December 1st!

    If your in the mood for some bull crap music, then you don't wanna play this song. Please turn up. Make sure stay tuned in to [Blogordie!] for an exclusive interview with Mac Miller speaking on his upcoming release and much more!





    Wiz Khalifa

    For Immediate Release
    November 16th, 2009

    As Wiz khalifa prepares for the Nov. 24th street date of his new album "Deal Or No Deal"
    on Rostrum Records, FrankRadio and iHipHop Distribution, the buzz surrounding
    his music continues to build. Check out the new single "Goodbye," produced by
    Juliano. The track hits hard, and carries the stamp of Wiz's signature sound:

    If your email client doesn't allow flash embeds, click HERE to download "Goodbye"

    Be sure to Pre-Order "Deal Or No Deal" below on iTunes and support real hip-hop.
    Also, if you're going to be in New York, buy tickets now for the "Deal Or No Deal"
    Release Party at the Highline Ballroom on November 24th. With Angela Yee
    (Sirius XM) and Combat Jack (XXL) to host, and Trouble Andrew and
    Ninjasonik added to the bill, the event promises to be truly one-of-a-kind.


    Click on the image below to order tickets NOW for the OFFICIAL
    Release Party

    Check out the Wiz Khalifa on iHipHop, Twitter, MySpace & YouTube


    For further inquiries or interview requests, please contact:
    c. 412-656-7809

    Rostrum Records / Frank Radio / iHipHop Distribution


    #MusicMonday : Wiz Khalifa - This Plane (Deal or NO Deal *Nov 24th)

    First single off that 'Deal or NO Deal' album from Wiz Khalifa set to drop November 24th (mark ur calendars sync ya iphones),  make sure yaal pre order the album on itunes! tGoD!

    Wiz Khalifa (Rostrum Records/Taylor Gang Ent)
    Download mp3 below:
    Wiz Khalifa - This Plane (Deal or NO Deal *Nov 24)

    NEW VIDEO: Living Proofe - Freestyle

    Living Proofe aka Aru Self has made his way back to the blogosphere with a freestyle for the masses!

    NEW MUSIC: Franchise - Money, Sex, Drugs: The EP (download)

    It will be available on iTunes in a few weeks so show that support!

    1. M.S.D. (prod. Street Radio)
    2. Steel Heels (feat. Rain) (prod. M-Pyre)
    3. Street Fixtures (prod. Street Radio)
    4. Homicidal Friends (prod. P. Fish)
    5. The Intermission (prod. Big Jerm)

    6. Tha Mood (prod. Big Jerm)
    7. What's The Use (prod. Sam Whit)
    8. John Record co-starring Franchise & Etta Akwapela - Club Courageous)

    NEW MUSIC: Rihanna featuring Young Jeezy - Hard

    Rihanna collabs with Young Jeezy

    Download mp3 below:

    NEW Music: Franchise - Steel Heels feat Rain

    Franchise and Rain linked up for this bran new collab off of the upcoming Money, Sex, & Drugs: The EP dropping this Monday! The EP will also be available on iTunes in a few weeks!

    Download mp3 below:


    EXCLUSIVE [iBlogoRdiE!] PRESENTS: C-Bo / West Coast Mafia South! "Straight Killer" (REMIX)

    Every time I hear this....I reminice!! This jam still plays in my iPod...on every CD and at every party!!


    NEW MUSIC: Mac Miller - Miley Cyrus (Party in the USA)

    Mac jacked Miley Cyrus's latest hit and put his own spin on it. This song will NOT be appearing on The High Life which is dropping December 1st! 

    Khalifa Man/Rostrum Records Scores with New Era + Pre Order "Deal or NO Deal"




    *For Immediate Release

    November 12th, 2009 *

    Check out Wiz Khalifa as he stops by the Frank151 offices to peep the design

    of his new hat. As the release of "Deal Or No Deal" approaches, November

    24th on Rostrum Records, FrankRadio and iHipHop Distribution, Wiz is

    preparing to hit the scene, already larger than life, with his own custom-designed

    New Era Fitted made exclusively for him by Frank151. This

    Wiz Khalifa x Rostrum x Frank x iHipHop Hat will be available exclusively online at

    Check out Wiz as he stops by the offices in NYC to see the design in progress:

    Be sure to Pre-Order "Deal Or No Deal" below on iTunes and support real hip-hop.

    Also, if you're going to be in New York, buy tickets now for the "Deal Or NO Deal"

    Release Party at the highline ballroom on November 24th.



    Click on the link below to order tickets NOW for the OFFICIAL


    Check out Wiz Khalifa on iHipHop, Twitter, MySpace & YouTube

    Rostrum Records / Frank Radio / iHipHop Distribution

    New MUSIC: Beedie feat Jev Tha Ghost - FLy

    New single from Beedie featuring Jev The Ghost of The Scholars! This track can be found on Beedie's new mixtape Most Slept On which is out now on the net and the streets.

    NEW VIDEO: Wiz Khalifa Feat Kev Tha Hustler - Hello Kitty (On A Pill)

    Special thanks to everyone who made the release of Wiz's "Burn After Rolling" mixtape an amazing success.  The tape has been downloaded around 250,000 times in the past week.  Below is a link to the 1st video off the tape entitled "Hello Kitty" ft. Kev Tha Hustler.


    NEW VIDEO: Young Dro - I Don't Know Yall

    Young Dro - I Don't Know Yall (Video)

    NEW MUSIC: Franchise - The Mood (East End Empire)

    Franchise is right back at it with the first single off the upcoming Money, Sex, & Drugs: The EP, dropping November 16th!


    The Power Move now on iTunes

    Knight Time Productions HNIC- MIX shouts out the new mixtape "Power Move". Also big ups Hutch-and-Son, SIK, Diamond in the Rough, Heavy Hustle and more. Look out for the skater DvD dropping with the HOOD Distribution Vol I


    Wiz Khalifa - Burn After Rolling Mixtape

    Mr. Khalifa is back, right before his Debut album "
    Deal or No Deal", with this BRAND NEW mixtape "Burn After Rolling" Hosted by DJ Ill Will & DJ Rockstar. This should hold all of you Khalifa-holics over until then. Check the track list (with features) , DOWNLOAD, and tell us what you think!!!

    01. B.A.R.
    02. Getting’ Up
    03. Take Yo Bitch (feat. Neako)
    04. The Thrill
    05. One Way (feat. Courtney Noelle)
    06. Miles
    07. If I Were A Lame
    08. Meet New People
    09. Weekend (feat. Neako)
    10. Young Khalifa
    11. Knock U Down
    12. On Tha Pill (feat. Kev Tha Hustla)
    13. When U Find
    14. Mafia Music (Remix)
    15. Say U Will
    16. Timeless (feat. Lavish)
    17. Won’t Land
    18. Ode to Naked Pop Stars
    19. All My Life Freestyle
    20. Great to Be There (Outro)

    No Ceilings OFFICIAL Mixtape


    As you know Lil Wayne's "No Ceilings" Mixtape dropped a few days ago but soon after it did Gudda Gudda posted on his Twitter that the OFFICIAL version would release later in the week on Young Money's BRAND NEW website. So here you go...the FULL version of Lil Wayne's "No Ceilings" Mixtape


    Beedie's "Most Slept On" Mixtape Hosted by DJ Rated R

    IT'S HERE!!! East End Empire's own Beedie hit the streets today with his debut mixtape "Most Slept On" Hosted by DJ Rated R. It's shaping up to be a HOT winter here in Pittsburgh and this tape sure adds to it. Go download this mixtape and support Pittsburgh Hip-Hop!!!

    Wiz Khalifa B.A.R. Cover Art and New Leak

    New Cover Art for Wiz Khalifa's upcoming mixtape "Burn After Rolling" hosted by DJ Ill Will & DJ Rockstar.

    Also 1 LAST leak before Monday, November 2nd, when the tape drops entitled "When U Find". DOWNLOAD and tell us what you think!!!


    Lil Wayne "No Ceilings" Mixtape

    After weeks of leaks the "No Ceilings" Mixtape has finally been bestowed upon us. The "Mixtape Weezy" really shows his colors on this tape. Download it and let us know what you think!!!

    • 1. "Swag Surfin'"
    • 2. "Ice Cream Paint Job"
    • 3. "D.O.A."
    • 4. "Interlude"
    • 5. "Wasted"
    • 6. Watch My Shoes"
    • 7. "Break Up (Feat. Short Dawg & Gudda Gudda)
    • 8. "Banned From TV"
    • 9. "Throw It In The Bag"
    • 10. "I Think I Love Her" (Feat. Tyga & Shanell)
    • 11. "Interlude 2"
    • 12. "Wetter"
    • 13. "I’m Good" (Feat. T-Streets)
    • 14. "Poke Her Face" (Feat. Jae Millz)
    • 15. "Run This Town"
    • 16. "I Gotta Feeling"
    • 17. "Outro"


    BET Awards 09' Cyphers

    Big Talent from Nicki Minaj all the way to Eminem graced the BET Awards with their flow. Check out the videos and tell us what you think.

    Nicki Minaj, Buckshot, Crown Royyal, and Joe Budden

    Mos Def, Black Thought, and Eminem

    The Govament - "Free Hard Tymez" Mixtape

    Since The "Election Day" Mixtape, The Govament members (Boaz, S. Money, Hard Tymez), have been on solo ventures. Boaz dropped 3 mixtapes and an album entitled "The Audio Biography". S. Money with 3 tapes since the last GOV collab. Even Hard Tymez has released solo material with a mixtape entitled "The Antidote". Due to Hard Tymez recent incarceration The Govament is back with a brand new mixtape "Free Hard Tymez". For Pittsburgh natives they know how sought after a new GOV mixtape was in the streets and trust and believe this tape will not disappoint. We will keep you updated as the news unfolds but as of now the tape is set to drop November 9th.

    Here are a few freestles LIVE from Larimer to hold you over until then.

    The Govament Gang Larimer Freestyles Part 1 of 3

    The Govament Gang Larimer Freestyles Part 2 of 3

    The Govament Gang Larimer Freestyles Part 3 of 3


    New "No Ceilings" Mixtape Leak

    Lil Wayne leaks yet another track off of his newest mixtape "No Ceilings". Who wants the tape to just DROP already??

    Triple C's - Evrryday" feat. Young Jeezy

    Check Out Triple C's brand new video for "Evrryday". Tell us what you think

    Chris Brown "I Can Transform Ya" Video

    The man you LOVE to hate is back with his newest single from his upcomming "Graffiti" album. Not gonna front...this track has potential. Plus with Swizzy on the beat and Wayne with his 2 cents how can this song lose?? Tell us what you think!!

    Watch Here

    DOWNLOAD full song here

    Mixtape Spotlight: Black X-Mas

    This tape has been out but in case you've never heard it or are interested in some Pittsburgh Hip-Hop Check out the Heavy Hustle "Black X-Mas" Mixtape Hosted by: Motor and Big Lonn

    Heavy Hustle/I.D.Labs Presents: Black Xmas

    Clipse - Popular Demand (feat. Cam'ron)

    Check out this new jam from Clipse feat. Cam'ron "Popular Demand"


    Lil Wayne "Wasted" and "Swag Surfin'" Freestyles

    Lil Wayne is BACK with his new official mixtape "No Ceilings" due to drop any day now. Check out these two BRAND NEW leaks from this mixtape which is sure to put Wayne back in the spotlight.



    Also check out these interviews Lil Wayne does after a show. He spills the beans on 3 HIGHLY anticipated albums "Young Money All-Stars", "The Rebirth", and "The Carter IV".

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Beans and Rel - Money To Blow (Remix)

    Follow them on Twitter!!!


    Kev Tha Hustla - Barry Bonds Freestyle

    Kev Tha Hustla - Barry Bonds Freestyle



    Follow Kev Tha Hustla on Twitter

    Listen to Kev's Previous Mixtapes


    Straight Comedy: KFC Freestyle

    Peep these two clown's Freestyle while waiting in line at a KFC