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New to Artist to Watch: Cashtro Crosby

In late 2007 Cashtro Began Recording with a Young Emcee from the West of Ottawa, ON by the name of Merkz a.k.a "The Sun Of A Gun" and the results were crazy productive. What started of to be a couple of recording session ended up being the start of a new Wave through the streets and ears of the Hip hop Audience in the Parliament City. As the chemistry grew they decided to go all in and give the people more than a Mixtape…And with the Help of DJ MES and the people, The Triple B Project was born. "The Triple Project is the Title of the collaborations from Us Collectively. Triple B Stands for Best of Both Boarders…Same Continent, different countries," says Cashtro.

In 2008 Cashtro took on the alias Crosby comparing his quantity and quality to the young NHL Pittsburgh Penguin player Sidney Crosby... And maintained a strong buzz with Original yet versatile songs, and freestyle he would refer too as re routes on various sites , blogs, This year alone He has opened for Blu of Johnson and Johnson , Prodigal Sunn of Sunn Of Man,and Digable Planets, countless shows and Not to mention a Mixtape Release Party! In October 2008 Triple B Project Presents Cashtro The Crosby Show CD Release was @ Babylon. The CD is 29 tracks of pure Versatility which bleeds through the music. With Guest appearances from C Squeezy, Rezenee, DJ Mes , Maxell, and yours truly Mr. Cosby himself. And this just the beginning ....

*Pittsburgh And Ottawa not really known for their musical aspects*, That's why we our setting the tone for the Future, making music that always Has that Real Hip Hop Feel with mainstream appeal and hopefully continue to progress in the Music Business for years to come.

Musical Influences :Being From Pittsburgh He has always been East Coast Influenced: Jay-Z, The Notorious B.I.G, Big L, MF Doom, J Dilla, Big Pun, Fabolous, The Clispe, The Diplomats, T.I, The Fugees, Wu-Tang, DJ Premier, Nas, Big Daddy Kane, Run Dmc, Black Sheep… New Artists Include… Lupe Fiasco, W.A.L.E, Amy Winehouse, Diplo, Blaqstarr, Rye Rye, Fools Gold Records, Blu and Exile, Justice, and the Cool Kids. Alias: RoachFace Killa, 007 Cashtro Young Bond, Cashtro Crosby, 0X Guevara…

Team Shout Out's: "Sheesh I Gotta List Full… First Off My Pops, Brother G, Moms, Red Head Moms, Grandma's lol, The whole Williams Family... My Team Back home … The Whole South Side Of Pittsburgh, Warrington, The Zhoov, Knoxville, Allentown, St. Clair, The Heights, Mt. Woo, Carson, Uh Everywhere!!! My Brother from Another Young William H Billy "B", Mont "Ski" Craven, Bentley, Lucky D, Peepers, C-Murda from Queens, Rell, Chuck Diesel From HP,R.I.P TO MY COUSIN Jehru D. , J.R, Ryan B., Fairplay....Rap Wise: Royal Krown, Quota, Da entourage, Ghost Writer, JFk The Villian, DJ Mes, DJ Alive, Diction, Dynamic, DJ Ducats, Hip Hop Canada, DJ Illo, Stylusts, CP Fam, Hawk Black Parliament ,DJ Circa, DJ Rocsteady , BoJangles, Tytus, All The Reggae DJ's, Urban Affraire, Squeezy, Skrilla, Logic, 5 Star, New Money, Royal Krown, Anyone who has been Holding US DOWN!

Check out Cashtro's "The Crosby Show" Mixtape on DatPiff!!

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