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Exclusive: New Artist - Finess The Great

Representing The Inland Empire CA, by the way of "KC" Missouri, I feel like I represent all those youth that feel like they couldn't do what they dreamed of doing because of naysayers. I represent those who are just tryna find an alternate route to succeeding in life rather than on the corner "pitching drugs". Most rappers have this dramatic story about them, well my story is far from dramatic... but it is a story everyone can relate to... Currently working on a new mixtape... I'm trying to put my section "On" (SanBernardino County CA) . Im gonna show them that our area isn't just "skinny jeans" and "jerk music", we struggle out here, grind out here, party... etc.

Finess The Great - Watch In Amusement (mp3 download)

Full MixTape:
To All My Haterz Vol. 1

To get more feel of this New Artist...visit him here:

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