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[BlogorDIE!] For the Love of Ray J: Cavier

How was your time on the show?It was different. It was, like, a different experience.Was it more negative or positive?

Of course it was more positive. It was just different. I wasn’t used to that. Something new.The way Ray dismissed you was sort of aggressive, wouldn’t you say?Yeah, but I guess he felt kind of hurt or whatever. I don’t know, I think the whole situation was a big misunderstanding, so I’m not really mad at him.

Can you explain the misunderstanding?First of all, I’m not gonna say, “Oh yeah, I was really in love with Ray J.” I didn’t have any dates with him or anything like that. I was still getting to know him. Then, the whole photographer situation, manager situation…it turns out he knew him, so it was kinda crazy.Did you ever get to the bottom of why Chicago Larry never let you in on the fact that he knew Ray J?I don’t know why he never told me, but I guess it wasn’t a big deal. We didn’t know Ray J was going to take it seriously. My photographer shoots a lot of celebrities so it never came up.It seems like he was more than your photographer…Yeah, he was my manager, actually.Did you feel like you couldn’t reveal that on the show?Yeah, of course I couldn’t say that, because then it would have been really obvious.Obvious that you were there for exposure?Exactly.
MTV BLOG: Cavier Interview

[BlogorDIE!] Young Jeezy - Circulate (Video)

My President is black, My Head Coach too...ew!

Big up Wizzle man for that Line.

Enjoy this Jeezy, how many videos is this now????

[BlogorDIE!] NFL: Kellen Winslow Jr goes to Tampa Bay

Browns trade tight end Winslow to Bucs for two draft picks
Associated Press

Back in Florida, he's ready for a new beginning.

"Cleveland was great to me," he said in Tampa. "I had a great time playing with Braylon Edwards, Brady Quinn. I'm going to miss those guys. But it's also a new opportunity. I've played with some of the guys on this team - Jeff Faine, Antonio Bryant, Luke McCown. I'm as happy as can be. I'm healthy."

Winslow will be reunited in Tampa with Alfredo Roberts, his tights ends coach in Cleveland the past two seasons.

With the Browns, Winslow had 219 catches for 2,459 yards and 11 touchdowns. He matched Hall of Famer Ozzie Newsome's club record with 89 receptions in 2006 and made 82 in 2007, earning him a Pro Bowl spot. He played in 44 games, but he missed 36 because of injuries.

Full Story @

[BlogorDIE!] BMW B7

The B7 Bi-Turbo is essentially the M7 BMW forgot to build, packing a twin-turbocharged, 4.4-liter V8 putting out 507 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque. Alpina claims the B7 can run to 60 in 4.7 seconds and on to an electronically-limited 173 mph. We'll have more details from the Geneva Motor Show next week, but expect a host of upgrades to join the engine mods, including uprated brakes, suspension components and a reworked interior to compliment the B7's new body kit.Autoblog: BMW B7

[BlogorDIE!] Download This: Trey Songz - Murder He Wrote

Iss Trey Day!

[BlogorDIE!] Eddie Murphy to play Richard Pryor

Eddie Murphy is tied to a $25M budget to star as Richard Pryor with Dreamgirls & Kinsey director Bill Condon.
So since we may not get the full laugh that we want from this movie (although Eddie Murphy is funny), I got a video of Richard Pryor himself speaking on a well known subject, even today. LOL

Richard Pryor Movie

[BlogorDIE!] Albert Haynesworth gets $100M worth!

Haynesworth inks biggest deal for D-Lineman, signs with Washington Redskins $100M for 3yrs.
I'll like the Redskins, but i'm sorry to tell Redskins' fans that if you could buy a championship team, believe you me, the Oakland Raiders should be 4 time Champs.


[BlogorDIE!] Kanye. TMZ. VID

Kanye Superbad

Look @ that Bald Ludy Boy!

[BlogorDIE!] Ross has Lost It!

Big up Randy Exclusive!!!


[BlogorDIE!] Nore ichattin

Nore speaks on his incident at Fat Burger...

[BlogorDIE!] Mike Jones - Next To You

Video for Mike Jones "Next To You" off of the new album The Voice due in stores on April 14th.

[BlogorDIE!] Flo-Rida featuring Pleasure P - Shone

off Flo-Rida's upcoming LP (R.O.O.T.S. - In Stores March 31st)

[BlogorDIE!] Rick Ross is stylin on G Unit

WHOA! Lloyd Banks better watch his back LOL!

[BlogorDIE!] Awe 50 wats wrong???

Well it looks like 50 won't be self destructing anytime soon, his album is being pushed back to make way for Eminem's comeback album...

Still think his album will be better than Ross's?


[BlogorDIE!] LBJ interview w/Magic Johnson

[BlogorDIE!] The Bizness w/ T Pain

Sounds really Homo Pain...

[BlogorDIE!] Wake Up World (interview w/ Pittsburgh/Philly Native Living Proof)

{Wake Up World!}
by Motor
Pittsburgh is becoming a widely range turf for music and entertainment, but everyone in Pittsburgh doesn't grind the same, some grind hard, others grind harder. This young brotha formed a talent into an art and he paints his pictures very clear.

M: So let everyone know where you from...

LP: I'm from Philadelphia, but i moved to Pittsburgh when I was around 18(1999).

M: Tell me about your music and how you got started.

LP: I went to Pitt for a while and got up with a couple cats, Bonics (KISS fm 96.1), J Flynt, Classic 1824, but the main people I linked with was Tribe.

M: What is your focus when your creating?

LP: well my main focus is to get some information out to the people - i pull from a lot of other artists, mainly 70's singers like marvin and bill withers, but my focus is to make something that will spark interest for the babies to learn and pick up a book consistently.

M: And i know your a poet, but everyone might not know, when did you start writing and observing poetry and how did your experience with that help you in becoming a artist?

LP: i started writing poetry when I was a freshman in college due to a creative writing class. It started out as separating my rhymes for the class, however the professor figured out I was into music and told me it wasnt enough just to get by - you gotta excel

M: Thats peace, now when you speak of the babies of the future, who do you mean?

LP: I mean anyone that is physically younger than me - whether it is my blood or not you know - I think we have a duty to keep information moving so that the babies won't be assed out in 20 years.

M: It's alot going on in the Pittsburgh communities as well as around the world, what are some of things that compell you to want to help make Change?

LP: just standard everyday living is under par in our communities you know...hell the dollar in squirrel hill is 7 or 8 to 1, meaning if I buy a pair of shoes at Littles for $100, it gets flipped 7 times. We as black people have an issue letting our brother borrow $5. This is the standard that everything should be measured by. This to me is Justice. we dont need a million cops patrolling our blocks. We can patrol the block ourselves. This is the basis for building a strong community and family structure.

M: You recently opened up for Wu Tang Clan, how did that come about and how was the experience?

LP: They had this crazy tryout which I really wasnt feeling due to my work schedule, however it was cool. I won that jawn and got to open up for Wu. I think there were about 3 other dudes too. I know my man Black Sun ripped it there as well. I say it was a good experience overall. It helped me to work on commanding the crowd, which is something I always strive to do. Although I didnt stay too long afterwards because I had to work in the morning, I heard that Wu ripped it...

M: so you didn't get to meet?

LP: I've met them before - I spent some time with Killa Army during that show - we (Classic 1824) have a good level of communication with them as well.

M: Who are some emcees you would want to collab with, and can you name some that you've already done music with?

LP: I've done music with a lot of Pgh emcees, such as Charon Don, Black Sun, Classic 1824, Underground, BZE, Ajaxx, EMS, Shawn Miles, and a lot more. I would say, if I had a choice of who to do music with industry-wise, probably somebody like Black Thought, possibly Nas, Saigon, Jada, you know some real heavy hitters.

M: Mos Def????

LP: of course of course - its just too many to name - u already know how I see Black Star.

M: How do you feel about the state of record sales & music downloads, Do you think they can co-exist?

LP: They both have the ability to coexist, but its like a build and destroy type of thing - its more of a technology base - society now. So alot of things are gonna be leaked, alot of people are going to download music based on the ability of technology and information they can get, however, I still believe in gettin real music and supporting artists, just in general as far as a foundation of what their doing. U know, as far as like the real, real, mainstream cats, they don't have to worry about it that much.

M: FaSho!
I don't know if i asked before, but what project(s) do you have coming up/ or that are out already that your promoting?

LP: well the big boy is comin - Heaven on Earth the full length album due late this year - possibly early next year. however im gonna drop another mixtape for the people in a few months - I've gotten a lot of support lately and it is appreciated.

M: How can someone get at you for performances, collabs, etc?

LP: Living Proofe Youtube, Living Proofe Myspace, Reverbnation

M: And last but not least, the topic of today's discussion...the new video you got titled Wake Up World....
the lyrics are bonkers, you really hit every line on the head...can you speak on how that came about?

that is gonna be the first track on the new mixtape - i needed to make something new with a little twist because that was how I was feeling - it is how I have been feeling - it is time for a change for the better and sometimes you got to point out some issues that people dont normally think about- so i'm tellin the world to wake up - your life is what you make it - so make it something good.


[BlogorDIE!] Get em Lance! BuzzCuts Video

[BlogorDIE!] Cam'ron Letters

I just heard this song he got called I Used to Get it in Ohio

[BlogorDIE!] So Far Gone is never been this closer!!!!

Already got my vote for mixtape of the year! (although that could change, but so GOOD!)

[BlogorDIE!] TellEm.Tv Promo

Find more videos like this on TellEm.TV - Online T.V.

[BlogorDIE!] Apple releases Safari 4 Beta!!!

New Safari 4 Beta

Top Sites
See your favorite websites at a glance. Open one with a single click.

Cover Flow
Flip through your site history or bookmarks like you flip through albums in iTunes.

Full History Search
Easily retrieve sites you’ve seen before. Spot the one you want in Cover Flow.

Tabs on Top
Manage your tabs elegantly and open a wide window for exploring the web.

Nitro Engine
Wait less. Browse more. Surf the web with the world’s fastest browser.

Windows Native Look and Feel
Vista and XP users: feel right at home in Safari for Windows.

Developer Tools
Access the best suite of development tools ever included in a browser.

[BlogorDIE!] Mixtape: Download This! French Montana

Haven't listened yet, but Young Frenchy got the wave.

[BlogorDIE!] 80 Jeez

Just downloaded this, i'll have a review for you in a hour!

[BlogorDIE!] Ciara & Justin Timberlake

On the set of Love Sex Magic video

[BlogorDIE!] Facebook Privacy Not So Private??????

This is basically all your privacy questions answered for Facebook users.

[BlogorDIE!] Welcome to Flight School with your Pilot Wiz Khalifa!SAd

As seen on tv there are other ways to travel, Air being one that has become very convienient for most, but while you'll see planes in this next trailer Wiz Khalifa is gonna show how to fly.

[BlogorDIE!] Sledgren interview w/ Ayatollah

May the peace and blessings of God be upon you.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 8th week of 2009. You know what
that means? Back Packer Weekly! (Waits for studio audience to

So the next couple of weeks, I'm going to focus in on local hip hop.
Local is a relative term of course, so more specifically the dynamics
of our scene here, in Pittsburgh. A lot of people ask me when I
travel, or talk to producers/ MCs/ DJs from other parts of the world,
they always ask what it's like here. It's really tough to explain in
a single conversation, so I'll take a few Sunday's out to do so.

With that being said. Today, I'm sitting down with one of the
keystones of the Pittsburgh sound, no pun intended. Pittsburgh hip
hop has a lot of names, but only a few widely recognizeable names.
Wiz Khalifa is THE top name on the scene, love him or hate him, you
can't argue with that. But he didn't get there alone. You're about
to read what one of the most accomplished producers in the city has to
say about the scene here, WAMO (our local radio station) not
supporting local artists, competition with other producers, and how he
came across one of the best monikers in the music business.
Soundsmith Sledgren is the focus of BPW8.

A: Salaam ahk. I hope everything is well, thanks for taking the time out
for the interview. Let's get into it. How did the name Sledgren come
about? That moniker is to raw. You could MC with a handle like that.

Sledgren: I'm an avid video game player, and I was playin madden prolly in 01?
And I was using the colts my real [name] is Edward so people call me
Ed my cousin started to call me Edgerrin cause i was wining a lot with
them, and peoples just being hood out there hood slang on it an added
an "sl", and that's how Sledgren came about!

A: Prince Of The City 2 was really big for you, however your seemed to
create a new lane for yourself. What was the inspiration?

Sledgren: I just try to [make] more avenues. It's 09 and I felt like there's was
no reason for me to not own my on label, direct my own videos, edit my
own vibes, photo shop etc.

A: I see you cite Mannie Fresh as an influence, what about him puts him
on a pedestal so to speak, against other producers?

Sledgren: Man, Mannie would produce 17 or 18 tracks on a album all with a def,
unique sound. You wouldn't think hey made everything on there. I
loved his sound nothin really sounded the same to me.

A: A lot of producers in Pittsburgh have gravitated more toward the down
south sounds, with fast hi hats, synths, and slow tempos. Why is

Sledgren: The southern sound is so universal sometimes ... that I don't even
consider it down south we know it originated there but it's basically
heard in everyone's music that, at times can we really consider it
down south?

A: When you craft a beat, do you try to accommodate the future MC, or do
you more so work to appease yourself?

Sledgren: I really just try to make the beat for my self and bring someone to my
world. I don't wanna record a whole album with someone, I just want 3
or 4 chances to bring someone over to my mind state.

A: What was your favourite era of hip hop? And if you had to pick one
record, what would best represent hip hop?

Sledgren: My fav era had to be the Snoop dog and Tupac era (Deathrow). I felt
like every record they released was just crazy. My moms would listen
to some of
their work and she only listens to gospel. [Record that represents hip
hop] Nas. "If I ruled the world" !!!!!!!!!!

A: All of you producers are neurotic. Do any of your idiosynchrasies
bother mans in the studio?

Sledgren: Not really, I try to make my sessions private so that there's not
really any conflict.

A: Let's say you just made the beat that would potentially break you into
superstardom. Two MC's are neck and neck for the beat. The catch is,
one is broke, but extremely dope, but you know he'd do the record
justice. On the other hand, you got a really wack dude who has the
gwap for the record. What do you do?

Sledgren: I'm a very honest and sarcastic guy (a wierd mix), so me seeing he is
a good dude, I'm gonna make the money and maybe on the next trip look
out for the broke dude! Its kinda drown together or I'll come back
and save you haha.

A: From a production stand point, what MC currently out right now needs
the most help?

Sledgren: Needs the most help? I would actually say Jay Z. He has the ability
to get beats from everyone. I just don't like his selections anymore.
He's to by the book to me, he needs help.

"If they aint
hatin then you aint doin somethin right".

A: When was the last time you actually bought an album, and what album
suprised you in 08, good or bad?

Sledgren: Nothin really surprised me in 08 but... Drake Drizzy? It wasn't an
album but besides us that's all I listen to. I guess Wayne heard his
talent too.

A: Have you found yourself in the cross hairs of any of Wiz' haters here
in the city?

Sledgren: Yeah, these haters are crazy! They'll hate for no reason at all and
make up some bull! Really its so funny, I took offense at first,
'cause its hard to let someone talk shit on you right in front of you
for no reason, but now its just funny and ironic to me. "If they aint
hatin then you aint doin somethin right".

A: In your immediate surroundings, who do you view as competition?

Sledgren: Me, I actually fuck with Juliano. I don't wanna work with any one.
He's close, he's cool I'd rather fuck with him then an really big
established producer cause maybe one day we could be those really big
big super producers?

A: A lot of people are talking, you know, they're really divided with the
whole Taylor Gang/Staar Life thing. A lot of people are saying the
quality of music took a turn for the worse. What do you have to say
to that?

Sledgren: I'm not sure? Sometimes people can't understand rappers from a
industry stand point. You cant make POTC2 tracks for life, you have
mature. Some people say water down, sell out, but they just don't
understand at all! I love the position that we're in, and on top of
that we have a lot of good music to release!!!!!!!!!!!!

A: In your opinion, does Pittsburgh have room for more growth,
development and room for another headliner?

Sledgren: We have room but how can we be heard? WAMO's not supportive in my
opinion to local artists. I feel like I'm in Atlanta when I turn it
but there is definitely talent here. They just gotta tap other places
before Pittsburgh really knows about them, wow!!!!!!!!!!!!?

A: Anything else you wanna add?

Sledgren: Man I hope people just support what we do, we tryna put the burgh on
the map. Heavy Hustle! Taylor Gang or die!!

The Ayatollah has spoken

[BlogorDIE!] Pitt is #1! AGAIN!

University of Pittsburgh sophomore forward/center DeJuan Blair was named the Big East Conference Men's Basketball Player of the Week on Monday by the league office.

Since losing to Villanova the Panthers have been pounding their way back to the number 1 spot. This jump from #4 in the nation back to #1 is the biggest jump since UCLA went from fifth to first in 2006.  Sophomore standout DeJuan Blair (fellow Schenley alum) has been Sensational averaging 15.8 ppg, 13 rpg, & shooting 60% from the field, and against the former #1 UConn in a 76-68 Win, he had 22 pts & 23 rebounds! DB is playin big boys basketball! Big UP!

Pittsburgh Panthers (25-2)
Last 5 games
@ DePaul  92-69
W Virginia 70-59
Cincy 85-69
@ UConn  76-68
DePaul 80-61

Poll - Who is the best player on the 2009 Pitt Basketball team?
  1. DeJuan Blair
  2. Sam Young
  3. LeVance Fields
  4. Tyrell Biggs


[BlogorDIE!] Rick Ross vows to outsell 50

“My freestyles as you could hear them, ‘Kiss My Pinky Ring,’ I do them in 20 minutes and put them out there. Those crumble empires. People listening to how potent the music is. That’s all this really is for me. I’m not really excited yet. All this is a platform for me to show people how talented I am. How much better of a lyricist I am. So if [50] sold 10 [million], my next album should sell 12.”

Deeper Than Rap has guest spots from Nas, Mary J. Blige and Lil Wayne, and last week on “106 & Park,” Kanye West revealed he will be featured on “Maybach Music 2.”

via MTV Mixtape Monday

Which album is sell more, “Deeper Than Rap,” or, “Before I Self Destruct?

[BlogorDIE!] Officer Rickyyy!!!!

Pt 4....BOSS!!