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Shine Monthly: Kev Tha Hustla (Heavy Hustle Records)

If you've never been to Pittsburgh, PA all you probably know about the city is that the Steelers won the superbowl (6x)! Might have heard about PITT Basketball, probably even know about our young Penguins (who might i add are in the playoffs) but what the world is yet to find out about is the music scene in the Burgh. Representing Heavy Hustle Records, seasoned Pittsburgh native Kev Tha Hustla has been grinding out a nice lane for himself. As Tha Hustla explains it hasn't been an easy road but the hard roads are usually the ones less travelled...well best believe that he's not going anywhere. Get To Know!

M: Your a independent artist striving in the music industry, what are some of the moves you've made to get to this point and what would you say is your motive for the future?

Tha Hustla: I really been just doing me because at the end of the day, everybody that's tryna get in the industry (or already are in) don't look back to give no help! Money is always the motive, plus to get more exposure that's what's going on now.

M: For people that don't know, you hype onstage next to Wiz Khalifa how did that situation come about & how is it working out for you?

Tha Hustla: Well I met Wiz about 4-5 years ago at idlabs and from one song all this came about we developed a friendship like close cousins and its cool not too much extra activity between us so it works for the best for us both ya dig!

M: That's dope. You named your latest project Animal, why & what can we expect to hear on this mixtape?

Tha Hustla: Really the fans gave me the idea! Because between my last mixtape and this one people kept saying on my comments your a animal and I said to myself well I am rite! So that's where it came from, and as far as what's on it, me for the most part just tryna further my lyrics and song content to give people a look at my life through Tha Hustla's all real not boss talk(lol)!

M: Can you name some people you've worked with on Animal and who you desire to work with?

Tha Hustla: Wiz Khalifa, Owey, Juliano, EDan, and Josh of I.D.Labs and this might be a stretch for people that know me, but I wanna work with David Archuletta and a few r&b artist that I won't say because I'm not to sure which ones.

M: So for people that do know you, you been goin hard in Da Burgh for some years now. So your no rookie to the local scene, you are Heavy Hustle's boss, so for people that don't know about Heavy Hustle could introduce us to the world?

Tha Hustla: Its still a work in progress do to a few artist on lock down shout out too the heavy hustle squad! Me, my cousin, Mainer, and Sledgren had a idea of doing this full throttle, but things took a turn for the worse when Mainer passed. That had us stunned and hurt for a long time until I looked at a picture and said why quit when he started this thing of ours, so we just go on in his name (oh yeah!)

M: Also some people may know you affiliated too, GOV, how did that situation come about and how is it today?

Tha Hustla: I met S Money through a mutual friend, did a few songs together and shit and after ridin out on a few tracks it seemed to be a good fit! And as far as now, I'm still G.O.V if you aint know! Shout out to Larimer for sticking with us through all the b-s, them niggaz always good with me.

M: That's wats up. so back to the mixtape if you could pick two mixtapes or albums to sorta model Animal what would they be?

Tha Hustla: Its a cross between what I do and what's going on in daily life. So I wouldn't really model it after anyone else cause they might see what I see but its different everywhere I just give you my insight on life in the superbowl city!

M: Aight, so if you had to pick, whats your fav track on Animal?

Tha Hustla: A number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 real shit, it aint one that I feel is better than all the rest!!!

M: How long did it take you to put together "Animal" and do you feel like it's better than the last mixtape?

Tha Hustla: Took me longer due to things in the streets to be honest death, jail, haters all in one bowl. This mixtape(Animal) is way better than the last, real slick with the mouthpiece I liked to call it.

M: Are you pursuing a major label deal and if not what are your plans?

Tha Hustla: Not as we speak, but my table is open im just tryna get better with the suit and tie part. So things don't fall down hill, because I don't know something so im still a student of the game I plan to be where ever the man upstairs has planned and by the way its lookin good so far!

M: Whats in store for the people after Animal ?

Tha Hustla: "Classical Kev" the street album is next and then I'm gonna put out "This Thing Of Ours" mixtape, videos, shows, and more good music!

Tha Hustla Facts:

  • Age: 27
  • Started rapping: From listening to hood tapes in the jungle and a college roommate! [What up E.Brown NYC]
  • Siblings: Two brothers and by the most powerful woman in the word my mom!
  • First Mixtape: A Hustla's Dream
  • Fav Food: Steak
  • Fav Color: Red
  • Fav Kush: Grandaddy

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