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Rick Ross - Deeper Than Rap [Preview-Review]

Rick Ross - Deeper Than Rap
(April 21st)

1. Mafia Music (4:16)
2. Maybach Music 2 ft. T-Pain, Lil Wayne & Kanye West (4:59)
3. Magnificent ft. John Legend (4:17)
4. Yacht Club ft. Magazeen (5:14)
5. Usual Suspects ft. Nas (5:14)
6. All I Really Want ft. The-Dream (4:16)
7. Rich Off Cocaine (4:25)
8. Lay Back ft. Robin Thicke (4:02)
9. Murda Mami ft. Foxy Brown (3:34)
10. Gunplay ft. Gunplay (3:34)
11. Bossy Lady ft. Ne-Yo (3:53)
12. Face ft. Trina (3:14)
13. Valley Of Death (3:54)
14. In Cold Blood (3:05)

Rick Ross has been called many things lately but what you can't call him, is broke, nor unsuccessful! Hailing from the 305 (Dade County-Miami, FL) comes the Boss's next big release behind his highly sought after album Trilla.
Deeper than Rap has (so far) 14 full-length tracks with production that won't cease to amaze, and titles that gotta be classic! Now of course you can see by the track list he's got some star power packed in. Besides Maybach Music 2 which displays T-Pain on the hook, Kanye at lead off vocals followed by Ross then Wayne, comes Usual Suspects featuring Nas, the production by the Inkredibles brings a soulful/mafioso feeling when it comes on, brought forth with some real talk on the hook:
Doin 150 miles and Runnin
Get up in my way and you know that i'm Gunnin
Laugh about the doe but really ain't nothing Funny
gettin Rich in a Rush
Yea! You Know Us
We The Usual Suspects...

Which brings you right into his next big single featuring The-Dream on All I Really Want , which might I add had to grow on me at first, with these two on a track though, it's almost undeniable. Finding your way through this cd won't be a problem because the first seven songs are like riding in the backseat of the Maybach.
After Rich Off Cocaine you'll realize that your past the halfway mark and the album seems to end almost prematurely.
All in All, Rick Ross's Deeper Than Rap is another album worth BUYING! So don't bootleg, support artists that Go IN!

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