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[BlogorDIE!] RP @ONDASPOT interview featuring Courtney Noelle

Motor: Ok Miss Courtney, when did you get into music?

Courtney Noelle: Well....When i was little about 6 or 7 my uncle taught me how to play guitar and sing the blues lol so i always was into it...but i never took it serious or thought that i could actually make a career out of it till about 3 years ago.

Motor: can u remember the first song u wrote?

CN: lmaooo was something about the monkey bars, lmao i was at westinghouse park and i used to play on the monkey bars with this boy and it was something like "i like you cause you can swing on the monkey bars for a long time, your like the sunshine etc. etc., lmaoooo but my first real song? had to be when i first moved to B-more. I lived next door to this guy who was in a male group something like Dru Hill and my mom would tell daughter writes music, and he was like yea ok shes only 12 so i wrote something for his group and sung it to him and he was blown away....the song was so good i decided to keep it and now i perform it acappella its called "Over Again".

Motor: nice. In R&B there are probably more performing artists that don't write their own music, than those that do. So to be able to do it all yourself is a blessing, When did you decide that you wanted to become a performing artist?

CN: A family friend of mine was the VP or A&R for Universal Motown and when I was about 13 I went to sing for him....he was like yea but shes too young, her voice isnt strong enough, blah blah blah.....he was like you know...."Guys have to want to be with you, And girls have to want to be like you, and thats what makes a star" and I was like oh well thats me....ever since he kinda shut me down, I was like "Ok, I'ma show you," so i started writing for this girl in ATL and i was like forget this, Im keeping these songs, I'ma do this myself, I got what it takes and I could really be a Icon in this business if i grind so, thats what Im doing....and as for the A&R at universal....he went on to start his own label, heard my new music and signed me to his label in 08....IN HIS FACE!!!! BURR lmao.

Motor: LMAO, thass wassup, I know you've been in the studio, whose some of the people you've been working with?

CN: I've been working with the Trackmasters....they are also owners of the label, A guy named August from Canada (He's a MONSTER) and two other members of Trackmasters: FREQUENCY, and THE ARE...

I've been asked to do alot of features, and write some songs, hooks etc, for people but right now Im putting all my energy into my project,

I wil be in PGH next week(ending 28th of March) and I always hook up with artist up there too I LOVE PGH!!!...

Motor: you've worked Wiz, S Money, anyone else in the PGH?

CN: S.mullahhh lol reached out to me to do some stuff with his new female artist just recently, Owey has reached out, & ever since bankroll Ive gotten mad emails for hooks and features but S, and Wiz are close friends and Owey is cool!!so if its not them, and I don't have time. I usually cant get to it unfortunately, but Im always down if Im in town and I have time.

oh and Me and DJ DEEZ are cooking up something too lol

Motor: So can we expect a pre-album mixtape release?

CN: Ummmm.....Im not sure!!! I dont know if I want to put out a mixtape....Im going more towards a Euro pop/50's/electronica sound these days, and I dont know if i wanna come out with a mixtape, i think my album is ready to be put in stores and take off lmao....with the right marketing and i doubt a mixtape will come out.

Motor: awwwww! K, you got a couple bangers on your myspace, and one of the songs is titled "DO IT BETTER", if you had to name a celebrity that you could do it better than, who would it be?

CN: All of em!!! i think their all doing the same thing....I mean Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Lauryn Hill, they are my idols. I think they are the greatest no matter what, but all of them other R&B chicks....i dont have any remorse for, Im not coming for there spot but Im creating a new spot that's gonna out shine theirs.

Motor: What are you top 5 fav R&B albums (all-time)?

CN: Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, Dangerously in love, I cant pick just one MC album, Toni Braxton Libra....ummm dayum I know im fucking up right now cause i cant think str8...i looovvee and live by the best of Sade'

that was a tough question.


Motor: So if you could model your album after 2 of your favorite albums what would they be & by who?

CN: ....cause to be honest i havent been impressed with albums that have been coming

ummm....well the styles of my fav are different from mine...but i could say it might be like a Rhianna, Katy Perry, Beyonce type of album

Motor: yeah me neither (far as music as of late)

good choice

they all got sum hot music out right now

CN: i think it will be like 808's and Heartbreaks,/katy perry/beyonce/ sade lmao

Motor: lmao

CN: im gonna admit its gonna be a little all over the place

Motor: but you did abuse the question a lil. i said 2.


CN: lmmaooo I know....

cause i love music and when you asked me my fave, a million and one things start running through my head

Motor: not a problem. you answered the question.

in your song Love U Down...

u say... "Stacks Stacks on deck, Tat Tats on his neck..."

anyone specifically that goes out to (the crush)?


CN: Lmaooooooooo WOOOOWWW...

Motor: aye, it is the ONDASPOT interview

Who does Ms Courtney Noelle secretly wanna Love Down?

CN: Ummmm. No not really just explaining the kind of guy I like...If you listen to Do It Better and Love U down its all about confidence and trying to find someone to match your confidence or swag as they say now Im a flirt so, When I see something I like I get it, Im not afraid to say "YOUR MY TYPE, I WANNA LOVE YOU DOWN, AND I THNK YOUR GIRL IS WACK I COULD DO IT BETTER YOU NEED TO GET WITH ME"


and that was a safe answer It was written about someone but I'm not gonna put it on blast!!

good question by the way !!!

Motor: i love the segue !

lol Great answer, Can you tell me a little bit about yourself, for the fellaz, are you single, dating, and what type of guy are you looking for?

CN: Well I am single!!!! Usually the guys I'm attracted to are on the weird side, dudes who aren't in the music biz cant handle me, and the ones that are, we don't have time for each other in between studio sessions shows and i'm not trying to find the median i'm just enjoying being single...usually i'm always boo'd up lol. Thats why my album is titled "LOVER GIRL" lol but right now I'm enjoying being 21 and single. I'm in love with making music, making money, and spending money lol.

Motor: would you like to speak on "LOVER GIRL" when can we expect to see it in stores and whats the first single?

CN: "LOVER GIRL" is about a young girl who has been in all kinds of relationships and the problems that come with it, and the good things that come with it too....I am like a LOVE advocate i think it is the most beautiful thing in the thats why i named it that. The album was suppose to come out in April 09 but im going through some things with my label (NO SUPRISE) and i also started to take the album in another direction musically so im recording everyday the first single is suppose to Candy, then Taking Control, then NO....

Motor: ur top 5 hottest celebs are?


I like celebs that do it BIG


Motor: do u have a release date for the album yet?

CN: nope not until the situation with my label is resolved
so i will keep ya posted.

Motor: k. would u be able to speak on that?

CN: yep!!!!
I came into my situation without a manager or any support so I was kinda thrown to the wolves. They were demanding alot of things from me, and weren't giving me what they were suppose to which is very common in this business, but im not gonna take whatever they give me just because its my first deal, im gonna fight for whats right....and what i deserve, I cant go into detail because of legal reasons but believe me it will be out in the public very soon.

Motor: u seem to have a good grip on the music biz, i'm glad we got to do this interview. And for everyone out there, any last words, comments, concerns?

CN: Suprisingly! I have learned alot from my peers who are in the business, I have alot of friends who are deep in the industry that give me advice so i try to learn from people who are extremely successful. im glad we did the interview too!!! as for last words....Stand up for yourself, Get what you Want, and Stay true to yourself and your people, and everything will work out in your favor...OH and everything is possible through GOD!!!! 


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