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[BlogorDIE!] NEW ARTIST: B-Brixx (PGH, PA)

Shouts out to Arthur.Pitt!

What defines a boss in the rap game? In a never ending sea of fake street hustlers and MC's not staying in their proper lane, the game occasionally brings a real boss with real credentials to back him. As the driving force behind his Pittsburgh crews success, B-Brixx has been involved in the music business for years as an executive producer, recording artist, and show promoter. He has shared the stage with numerous national recording artists while also taking a backseat so he could help others succeed before him in the music world. It's time for B-Brixx to shine now.

Look out for the first volume of his mixtape series "Neighborhood Heroes Presents: B Brixx" coming in mid-April!! Several videos and street records will come with that too!!

This first leak is B-Brixx ft. Josh Everette (all Pittsburgh talent) giving you their version of Slim Thug's hit record. See the download link below!!

I hope you all enjoy. Please hit me with feedback and links if you cover B-Brixx. He is a true "Neighborhood Hero."

There's so much great music coming out of my hometown. I'm lucky to be a part of all of it..

Check out more of B-Brixx @

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