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[BlogorDIE!] Cam'Ron/TSS Interview

TSS: So Crime Pays, would you consider it a Dipset release?

Cam’ron: Yeah, of course! Everything I do is Dipset! I’m the founder of the company!

TSS: Yeah, I was reading what they were saying and it was more along the lines of they were still keeping the movement going strong without you.

Cam’ron: Who is “they?”

TSS: It was Juelz who was saying…

Cam’ron: Alright, let me tell you this TC so it makes sense to everybody. Let’s do the math: if somebody is telling me that I couldn’t be Dipset all the way, don’t you think it’s mighty peculiar that Juelz sets up Skull Gang or Jimmy got Byrd Gang? If they could tell me what’s good with Dipset, why would they need to do that? Freeky Zeeky got 730, that’s my man. So I’m just saying, why would they need all these companies if they could tell me what to do with Dipset? Don’t you think it would just be Dipset and Cam’s not a part of that? You can’t do that! I understand what Zeek is doing, he’s getting his company off the ground but the other ones, they can’t dictate what goes on in Dipset. I’m not dissing ‘em, I just telling you how it actually is.

But why would you have Skull Gang if you could tell me what to do with Dipset? It don’t make sense.

TSS: Understandable, but do you think Dipset is weakened by running in all these different lanes?

Cam’ron: Ya know, that’s a good question. I don’t know, tell you the truth. There was a time when it was like the South was running everything…and there was Dipset. Ya know what I’m saying? I don’t know right now, I’m back and I gotta test the waters and see how everybody’s feeling, but Dipset is a lifestyle, it’s just not a group. People wear what we wear, drink what we drink, smoke what we smoke — it’s not just a label. So when I get back out there, we’ll see.

TSS: I’m telling you firsthand, they took it and ran wild with it.

Cam’ron: (Laughs) Alright.

Full Interview Here

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