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[BlogorDIE!] Wake Up World (interview w/ Pittsburgh/Philly Native Living Proof)

{Wake Up World!}
by Motor
Pittsburgh is becoming a widely range turf for music and entertainment, but everyone in Pittsburgh doesn't grind the same, some grind hard, others grind harder. This young brotha formed a talent into an art and he paints his pictures very clear.

M: So let everyone know where you from...

LP: I'm from Philadelphia, but i moved to Pittsburgh when I was around 18(1999).

M: Tell me about your music and how you got started.

LP: I went to Pitt for a while and got up with a couple cats, Bonics (KISS fm 96.1), J Flynt, Classic 1824, but the main people I linked with was Tribe.

M: What is your focus when your creating?

LP: well my main focus is to get some information out to the people - i pull from a lot of other artists, mainly 70's singers like marvin and bill withers, but my focus is to make something that will spark interest for the babies to learn and pick up a book consistently.

M: And i know your a poet, but everyone might not know, when did you start writing and observing poetry and how did your experience with that help you in becoming a artist?

LP: i started writing poetry when I was a freshman in college due to a creative writing class. It started out as separating my rhymes for the class, however the professor figured out I was into music and told me it wasnt enough just to get by - you gotta excel

M: Thats peace, now when you speak of the babies of the future, who do you mean?

LP: I mean anyone that is physically younger than me - whether it is my blood or not you know - I think we have a duty to keep information moving so that the babies won't be assed out in 20 years.

M: It's alot going on in the Pittsburgh communities as well as around the world, what are some of things that compell you to want to help make Change?

LP: just standard everyday living is under par in our communities you know...hell the dollar in squirrel hill is 7 or 8 to 1, meaning if I buy a pair of shoes at Littles for $100, it gets flipped 7 times. We as black people have an issue letting our brother borrow $5. This is the standard that everything should be measured by. This to me is Justice. we dont need a million cops patrolling our blocks. We can patrol the block ourselves. This is the basis for building a strong community and family structure.

M: You recently opened up for Wu Tang Clan, how did that come about and how was the experience?

LP: They had this crazy tryout which I really wasnt feeling due to my work schedule, however it was cool. I won that jawn and got to open up for Wu. I think there were about 3 other dudes too. I know my man Black Sun ripped it there as well. I say it was a good experience overall. It helped me to work on commanding the crowd, which is something I always strive to do. Although I didnt stay too long afterwards because I had to work in the morning, I heard that Wu ripped it...

M: so you didn't get to meet?

LP: I've met them before - I spent some time with Killa Army during that show - we (Classic 1824) have a good level of communication with them as well.

M: Who are some emcees you would want to collab with, and can you name some that you've already done music with?

LP: I've done music with a lot of Pgh emcees, such as Charon Don, Black Sun, Classic 1824, Underground, BZE, Ajaxx, EMS, Shawn Miles, and a lot more. I would say, if I had a choice of who to do music with industry-wise, probably somebody like Black Thought, possibly Nas, Saigon, Jada, you know some real heavy hitters.

M: Mos Def????

LP: of course of course - its just too many to name - u already know how I see Black Star.

M: How do you feel about the state of record sales & music downloads, Do you think they can co-exist?

LP: They both have the ability to coexist, but its like a build and destroy type of thing - its more of a technology base - society now. So alot of things are gonna be leaked, alot of people are going to download music based on the ability of technology and information they can get, however, I still believe in gettin real music and supporting artists, just in general as far as a foundation of what their doing. U know, as far as like the real, real, mainstream cats, they don't have to worry about it that much.

M: FaSho!
I don't know if i asked before, but what project(s) do you have coming up/ or that are out already that your promoting?

LP: well the big boy is comin - Heaven on Earth the full length album due late this year - possibly early next year. however im gonna drop another mixtape for the people in a few months - I've gotten a lot of support lately and it is appreciated.

M: How can someone get at you for performances, collabs, etc?

LP: Living Proofe Youtube, Living Proofe Myspace, Reverbnation

M: And last but not least, the topic of today's discussion...the new video you got titled Wake Up World....
the lyrics are bonkers, you really hit every line on the head...can you speak on how that came about?

that is gonna be the first track on the new mixtape - i needed to make something new with a little twist because that was how I was feeling - it is how I have been feeling - it is time for a change for the better and sometimes you got to point out some issues that people dont normally think about- so i'm tellin the world to wake up - your life is what you make it - so make it something good.

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