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[BlogorDIE!] For the Love of Ray J: Cavier

How was your time on the show?It was different. It was, like, a different experience.Was it more negative or positive?

Of course it was more positive. It was just different. I wasn’t used to that. Something new.The way Ray dismissed you was sort of aggressive, wouldn’t you say?Yeah, but I guess he felt kind of hurt or whatever. I don’t know, I think the whole situation was a big misunderstanding, so I’m not really mad at him.

Can you explain the misunderstanding?First of all, I’m not gonna say, “Oh yeah, I was really in love with Ray J.” I didn’t have any dates with him or anything like that. I was still getting to know him. Then, the whole photographer situation, manager situation…it turns out he knew him, so it was kinda crazy.Did you ever get to the bottom of why Chicago Larry never let you in on the fact that he knew Ray J?I don’t know why he never told me, but I guess it wasn’t a big deal. We didn’t know Ray J was going to take it seriously. My photographer shoots a lot of celebrities so it never came up.It seems like he was more than your photographer…Yeah, he was my manager, actually.Did you feel like you couldn’t reveal that on the show?Yeah, of course I couldn’t say that, because then it would have been really obvious.Obvious that you were there for exposure?Exactly.
MTV BLOG: Cavier Interview

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