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"The Undergrad" Trailer

The Undergrad is the story of a man recently released from prison who makes his way back to his old neighborhood only to be drawn into a hustlers world where eventually he encounters trouble. Within the story framework is the story of a man who is actually very gifted and has academic promise which goes unfulfilled. The actors were all unknown and new comers - the best to work with. The film was shot on location in Pittsburgh PA in eleven days. This was my first feature film directing opportunity. The people of Pittsburgh were terrific as was the crew. I am very grateful for the opportunity and know that this film will garner some attention. Big thanks and much respect to James Johns "Beans Bling," the whole cast, Karl Kim, Tony Segreto, Charlie Zwick, Zach, John, Matt, Dan, Dan the writer, the people of Pittsburgh and everyone who made this a reality. Looking forward to the rough cut and getting this to screen. More to come.

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