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The Reason Why...[Interview w/ Tip Tha Ill Spit]

To be, or not to be... The question that lies within the masses. If your not somebody, then you want to be something to talk about, and thats just what this young man has been doing. Making something out of nothing, with a highly rated [independent] video "Lame Again", making music with well known artists, and edging out his name in hip hop.

Age: 20 yrs young

  • Motivation: My motivation for music in the beginning was rooted from hearing the radio and how music was didn't feel right..i didn't start really rapping until I was like 18, messed around wit it a little bit when I was I'm still wet behind the ears..but I put in a lot of work on my sound and craft. So my motivation now is to reach the level of success that I've set for myself and its high. But..No stress cause I progress.

  • Let People know what's the name of your current project and how you came up with the idea...
              Before I say this, I want to say something..Ive had tapes that were supposed to drop, technical issues that have hindered that process. My current mixtape, set to drop *First Quarter-2010 will be titled "The Reason Why I'm Talking S--T" or "The Reason" for short. My ideology behind the idea for that is that its an old Ed Harris cover and it spoke to me. I mean sometimes in my bars, I say some confident even cocky things..I do.   With no previous tape..Do I reserve the right to have that "fly" talk? My Answer..Hell Yea! In 2 years,starting out mind you, I got a Jenesis Magazine Article, linked up some of the premier artist in Pittsburgh and the nation, and had one of the best music videos for an unsigned artist. All with No mixtape/album. Now finally, this is "The Reason Why I'm Talking S--T" 

  • With all the new artists coming in and out the industry, where do you see yourself going?
              Like anyone doing this would want, I just want to become the best, if thats not your goal, your selling yourself short. Now as far as labels go, I want to reach my full potential. Whether independent or a major, my grind will always be the same. Artists come and go in this industry, some you hear about and some you don't. Local success ain't enough for me, so expect to hear about me.

  • In your video "Lame Again" you depict yourself going through day to day things as well as your rap career, how hard would you say it is to earn your stripes in the rap game?
             Hmmm, this game..This game is dirty. You can't trust everybody. You can't work with everybody. It's cool to try and use the buddy system and all, but from a personal standpoint you have to PUT IN WORK. Everything you do PR, Style, Your words, Delivery, Interviews has to be on point. To earn your stripes you have to go to battle. Do what you need to do. I know a lot of people who rap, but a few who are acknowledged as rappers. Amongst my peers, Im not just TIP anymore..Im Tip tha ILL-SPIT and that lovely.

  • How does it feel to be entering hip hop around the time where we as a people are dealing with recession and new problems, does any of that fuel your music?
            Most definitely, anybody who knows me knows I am very passionate about world affairs and world issues and the problems we all face. When others are "throwing shade" on it, I like to shed a little light. I don't delve to deep musically, but I will speak on it. Those aren't necessarily the marketable topics but you have to speak A truth, or your truth, so i touch on all things. I can only speak what I know.

  • Can you tell everyone how you got linked up with East End Empire and how it is to be on a talented young roster?
             First of all, being with the East End Empire has been a blessing. I linked up with them through my ties with Franchise and Vintage Radio. I believe Fran went to a show of  Beedie's and Mac Miller's. They spoke, Fran and Vin did features on "How High" [Mac and Beedie's mixtape] then I was introduced to the whole crew and since then its been a beautiful partnership. Franchise is the one who really put me on, with out him a lot of this wouldn't be possible honestly.

  • All artist that seem to gain the most exposure have some type of controversy fueling them, do you feel that it's expected to be the best or is it ok to just be the talented and not want to be the best?
             If we talking Beef..I don't like to pick fights but if push came to shove..I'd beef wit a rapper over wax. I would never do it as a publicity stunt..I'd much rather just grind. Play the game like a boss, "or like a volcano, let it boil..and then you blow." and I feel if you DON'T want to be the BEST, and like just get money or w.e. you alternative goal may be. You got it twisted, Fit in by standing out...Period!


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