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Passion - pas-sion 6. a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything: a passion for music.

The passion for music pushes an artist to strive for success. To withstand failure and continue to make a push for greatness and satisfaction. All things that aspiring hip hop artist Nick Pratt understand and applies to his career every time he approaches the mic.

His efforts started as a youth in Fort Worth, Texas when he recorded his first freestyle at the young age of 9. This attempt was enough to give him the passion to grow into a successful artists when the chance made itself available. Penning lyrics together since then until his Freshman year of college, Nick would return to freestyling and would gain the nickname of Yung Neo for his futuristic references to the Matrix. There he would start the "College Boy Movement" as he juggled school and the push of his career. Yung Neo piled performances as his rep began to build around the University of Pittsburgh and his persistence would land him in the 16 artist contest, Rhyme Calisthenics. The popular competition in Pittsburgh, PA would help Nick gain more recognition in the music community and prepare him for his next move.

With the release of TRD Vol 2: Parties "N" Bullshit, hosted by DJ Reflection, Nick has put forth effort to take his local buzz national. For those who do not recognize the name, Parties "N" Bullshit is a good introduction to the artist Nick Pratt who has grown past his "Yung Neo" days and is set to make an impact in the game is is sure to impress with his style and rapid word play. Welcome to the College Boy Movement.

Two new Nick Pratt tracks.
Doxx Featuring Grafh and Doxx- Jack Boys
Nick Pratt- Arond Texas

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