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New Fashion: The Don B Fashion (Houston, TX)

Influences On My Styles Kanye West and Pharrell Williams

The Credits From The Photo Shoot
Photography By: Daniel Davis (
Hair & Make-Up By: Alashia Carter
Wardrobe Styled By: Brad Jefferson


I have a very unique and versatile style that attracts attention from
many people.  I can proudly say that I took part in the development of
some of the most trendy styles that are seen in the Houston area
today.  I have been blessed with the ability to create fashion forward
styles that will appeal to various artist and clients.  Hip Hop plays
a big role in fashion today because its the core of everything. With
out the beats of the hip-hop artist there would be no fashion today
and no freshness to it.I believe the houston underground rap and
independent artist like myself are the next generation.I am known to
be a trendsetter, and with that I intend to further develop my career
and strive for perfection in all of my work.  I someday hope to have
my creations featured in magazines and billboards for the world to
see.  Although I have other talents that include, acting, dancing, and
commercial printing, fashion is my passion.
~ @TheDonB

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